Marketing Portal

Welcome to the marketing portal. The one location which will hold all marketing material for new and on-going campaigns.

The portal will be updated and a notification will be sent to all members when this has happened with information as to what is available.

Additional Resources:


An easy tool to work out how you can best target your patients depending on the two biggest factors in the sector - age and gender.


This interactive resource clearly shows the opportunity we have as an industry as a result of NZ's ageing population. Take a look!


Wanting to find a few options that work well? Depending on your needs and marketing segmentation there are some ideas here to get the ball rolling.

Most Recent Campaign

Through this link, you will have access to all the information for your current campaign. It is easily accessible and ready for download.

Always-On / Current Promos

This is the place to come for marketing information that which are 'always on'. These can be downloaded and reused any time at your conveniance.

Historical Campaigns

If you are wanting to take a look back at what we have done previous or need these as a reference, you can find all the info here.


If you have any other ideas for this portal on how it could be improved or other features added, then please send them through, we would love to hear them!