CooperVision 3-Months Free Promotion

Promotion Guidelines:

Purchase New Glasses
With any new pair of glasses purchased, the patient can also receive this 3-month supplier of CooperVision contact lenses. This includes both prescription glasses as well as sunglasses.
3-Months Free Contacts
For this promotion the 3-month supply of contact lenses will be supplied as follows; a 2x90pack or 6 x 30pack in 1 day lenses b.2x6pack in fortnightly lenses, or c. 2x3pack in monthly lenses
New Wearers Only
This promotion is available for new contact lens wearers for your practice only. Do not refer existing patients for this promotion or CooperVision will not pay for the cost of the product once they have cross-checked the patient within their system.
Now running into 2021!
The promotion will now run into 2021, subject to change if we run out of supply.
CooperVision Brands Only
VisionPlus+ or CooperVision branded products excluding: Biofinity® XR, Biofinity® XR toric, Biofinity Toric Multifocal.
6-Month Supply Possibility
If your patient has purchased a pair of prescription glasses then through your conversation with them you should note that as a part-time wearer this is really a 6-month (or longer) supply of contact lenses.
Terms & Conditions
You must download the following Terms & Conditions and insert your information where possible to comply with the promotion obligations. If you run this promo without the use of these and something goes wrong neither the IOGroup nor CooperVision will take any responsibility.
Privacy Policy
Similarly, as part of this promotion, with you sharing the patients information with CooperVision for redemption, you will need to have your Privacy Policy up to date so see here for a template you can use.
Location of Information
You must also make available the location of both your Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Are the online, in-store or both? This must be made clear.
Marketing Support
There are a couple of options available on Canva for your use. These can be used as they are or edited to add your practice branding. Similarly, you may also create your own, but only with the same format which adheres to the promotional terms and conditinos.
Copy/Wording Templates
This document has examples of what can be written if messaging you are sending out to current or potential patients who may be interested in this offer. Have a read and feel free to tailor it to your practice.
Submit Sales Below
Once again, the submission process has been made incredibly simple. Use the form below to send through the required details and CooperVision will check to confirm them as a new wearer and if it checks out will send them out to the patient free of charge. Too easy!

Submission Form:

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 3 files.